There's an endless list of things to worry about when selling your home, but we believe that these 3 easy fixes shouldn't be on that list! Taking the time to prepare both yourself and your home prior to selling, as well as getting everything organized before beginning the process, is an essential step in the home-sale process. These easy tips don't require much time to complete, but can drastically reduce some of the basic stresses of moving.  

  1. The biggest tip we can provide to sellers is that you must give yourself time, moving is a process – and one that shouldn’t be rushed. Rushing things will only make an already stressful process even worse. Breathe! Focus on the positive! And give yourself a reasonable timeline to work with,  allowing yourself enough time to prepare and get everything in order before selling.
  2. Another huge tip that will help you feel less stressed about a big move is to Declutter! It’s always a good idea to go through things before getting ready to move to decide what you really need to keep, or what you may need to get rid of for the move. Some basic tips and resources for decluttering…
    • Does it spark joy? Take the advice of Marie Kondo, organizing consultant and author of “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” – and try to only keep the items that “spark joy.” This can be taken as literally as you want, but it can also help you get rid of a couple of things that you’ve been on the fence about. View some ‘tidy tips’ from Marie’s blog here. 
    • Understand your storage options. Make sure that your new home will have enough storage for your items that you plan to bring with you.
    • Sell unwanted furniture! Utilize resources like Facebook Marketplace, NextDoor, Craigslist and other websites to re-sell furniture. Or, check with the new buyers of your home to see if they have any interest in keeping some furniture you no longer want. This is a great way to get some items off your hands, without the hassle of finding a buyer or going through the hassle of moving unwanted furniture items.
    • Digitize documents and pictures – old papers, memories, documents and photo albums can take up a lot of space in a move, and may be the most difficult items to find appropriate storage for. However, we understand that it may be difficult to just get rid of these items. Consider taking the time to digitize them! Move the photos to a computer, and scan in any documents that you want to keep, but don’t necessarily need to have on paper. This may seem daunting, but trust us, it will be worth the work in the end!
    • Finally, Grab some free moving boxes! There’s no need to buy boxes and tubs to store things in when most local stores and restaurants have old boxes sitting around that they’d be happy to give you for free! You can grab free moving boxes from Craigslist, or ask local bookstores, grocery stores, liquor stores, or large retailers like Costco, Target and PetSmart.
  3. Once you have your home ready to sell, and you’ve given yourself enough time to prepare for a big move, the next step is to actually list your home. We highly recommend that you Use a Real-Estate Professional for listing your home. This is often a big debate between sellers, regarding whether they want to use a realtor, or put their home For Sale By Owner (FSBO). It may be obvious that we, as realtors, suggest using a realtor… but we have good reasoning! From listing your home at the right price from the start and taking away some of the simple stresses of moving, to having someone negotiate for you and make sense of the process, a real-estate professional plays an important and integral role in the home-sale process. Check out our other seller's blog posts for a more in-depth explanation of why using a realtor might be the right move for YOUR move.

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