The Spring Equinox is fast approaching! In just a few short days, on March 19th, you can expect to start seeing longer, sunnier days from here on out. Below are some housing market and home decor trends to pay attention to in the coming months. 


General Spring Real Estate Tips:

  • Take advantage of the weather! As it begins to get a little nicer out, start to think about making that real-estate move you’ve been holding off on during this long Indiana winter. Buyers and Sellers are beginning to thaw out and will waste little time getting back on the market when spring arrives. Competition will begin to heat up quick - so make sure you’re on board! If you’re planning on purchasing a home, you want to be especially prepared to get out there this month. With increasing competition comes increasing prices from sellers, and you may find yourself bidding against other buyers if you wait too long. 


Spring Real Estate Market Trends

  • As of the beginning of this year, The median home price per square foot in Indianapolis was $104, which is lower than the $111 average for the Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson Metro average. However, these prices are predicted to rise by an overall 7.2% over the course of 2020, according to


Home Decoration Trends

There are tons of blogs out there outlining their take on spring decorating trends. Although no one knows for certain what trends are likely to take off, here are some of our best guesses:

  • Neutrals: Good news! Neutrals will continue to make a strong appearance in home-decor trends in the future. Although there’s a lot out there right now regarding neons and colored living spaces, neutrals will not be going anywhere anytime soon! Both warm and cool-toned neutrals are here to stay, and continue to be a safe home-decor bet to make. Whether you opt for cool-grays, or warm-colored tans and beiges, neutral colors are easy on the eyes, and paired with natural light sources, can dramatically open up your living spaces, making them look more spacious and inviting. Check out these neutral home palette and natural light examples from 


  • Patterns & Textures: Whether we like it or not, it seems like geometric patterns will continue to make an appearance in home decor this year. From bold light fixtures to furniture coverings, geometric patterns are probably here to stay. Our recommendation? If you’re ready to hop on board this trend, pick patterns with thin lines and try not to overdo it. Minimalist geometric shapes and patterns can be really successful and chic, while also achieving that bold look you may be going for. As for textures, If done right, mixing and matching fabrics, patterns and textures can be a very successful decorating technique. These simple photos from are great examples of how mix-and-match textures can create a really inviting living space.










Here are some other great resources to look at for decorating advice:

  • Mercana Furniture published some spring furniture trends to look out for. On the list? Green toned paint swatches, multi-functional furniture, new storage options and bold patterns. Will you be jumping on board any of these new trends this spring? View the full article here.
  • Apartment Therapy has some great tips to keep your living space looking both cool and comfy, as well as tips to keep a minimal look with a personal touch. Click here to learn more about the concept of “intimate minimalism”