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Simple house upgrades can help improve the value of your home and are an excellent way to make it look more attractive to buyers without costing you a fortune. Before we dive in, in general, a good rule of thumb is to try and keep things bright, clean, open and neutral. An open space, with neutral bright colors, helps make your home look cleaner and also helps buyers imagine their own families in the space.


Kitchen upgrades

  • Kitchens hold a lot of potential for easy upgrades and are a huge focal point for buyers when considering if a home is a right fit for them. Consider making a few of the following adjustments to help get your kitchen ready to sell.
  • Re-do cabinets! This could mean simply repainting the doors, or refacing them entirely. This simple fix can give your home a completely new feel in a short period of time.
  • Another way to upgrade cabinets in your kitchen is to simply change out the knobs. New knobs are an easy way to change up your kitchen. Whether you want a look that’s a simple and modern, or one that makes your place look chic and stylish, knobs are the perfect accessory to spice things up.
  • If you want to opt-out of cabinets entirely, another option is to incorporate an open shelving concept in place of some cabinets. Grab some floating shelves from your local Ikea and use them as an opportunity to incorporate simple decorations, or to put your favorite dishware on display.



  • This is a new market trend and a great thing to take advantage of when trying to upgrade your home. Minimalistic home décor makes your home seem clean and inviting for potential buyers.
  • To achieve this, consider adding lighter colors and whites, and tidying up your home a bit to remove unnecessary décor and clutter. Plants are also a great way to brighten up your space without making it seem too packed.
  • Be intentional about the décor you incorporate! For example, using tall plants and standing lamps can give off the illusion of a tall ceiling. This immediately makes the room look bigger, and opens the eyes to more negative space, making it look cleaner as well.


Fresh paint

  • A coat of fresh paint can make all the difference; which is why so many house-flippers swear by it. Whether this be on your kitchen cabinets, giving the walls in your home a fresh neutral color, repainting all your baseboards to a neutral white, or simply touching up old blemishes on the walls and baseboards, this is a perfect way to give your home a quick and inexpensive face-lift.  



  • Depersonalizing your home is another way to help buyers imagine what the house may look like if they were to live in it. You can do this by removing photographs and other memorabilia specific to your family. This helps people imagine the home as their own, where they can focus on how they would incorporate their own touch, rather than focusing on the one it has already been given. Removing any extra photos, artwork and knick-knacks laying around can help make your home look less cluttered.


In addition to these main tips, It’s also important to focus on the selling points of a home. As mentioned, kitchens are often a crucial consideration for buyers, making it well worth the extra effort to upgrade them a bit if necessary. Bathrooms are also an easy area to upgrade that will grab the buyer’s attention. If you have room in your budget, making some appliance upgrades, home security upgrades, or energy efficiency upgrades are also selling points for potential buyers.


No matter how you choose to go about upgrading your home before showing it off, be sure not to underestimate the power of decluttering, brightening up your space, and allowing room for the buyers to imagine themselves in the home. Keeping things clean and simple, and trying not to adhere to a decorating style specific to your personal taste, is always a good rule to live by when considering home improvements